Welcome to Lesbos . . .

Tucked away in the north east corner of the Aegean Sea is Greece's very own "Emerald Island", Lesbos.

This verdant green land with its mild Mediterranean climate is one of the sunniest of the Greek Islands and yet it remains unspoilt by mass tourism.

Visit Lesbos - or Lesvos as it is also known - in the Spring or Autumn and you will be regaled by the song of the countless migrating birds who know a good landing spot when they see one.

And despite being the third biggest Greek island and the seventh largest in the Mediterranean, you are never more than a few miles from the sea courtesy of Lesbos' two practically land-locked gulfs that penetrate the island to its very core. Indeed, its 630 square miles boast an amazing 230 miles of beautiful coastline.

Adding further to the island's beauty and serenity are its two mountain guardians, Lepetymnos in the north and Olympus in the centre, both of which are almost as tall as Mount Snowdon in Wales.

Lesbos' population of around 90,000 share a common history that dates back to the mists of time. Its capital, Mytilene, was founded in the 11th century BC and it remained an important city throughout ancient times. Not surprisingly, archaelogical sites abound throughout Lesbos.

So if you desire to get away from the madding crowds, to an island in the sun that remains at one with nature, welcome to Lesbos.

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Lesbos, Greece


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